Scientific articles in 2011

2011 – Farenhorst, M., Hilhorst, A., Thomas, M.B., Knols, B.G.J. Development of fungal applications on netting substrates for malaria vector control. Journal of Medical Entomology, 48, 305-313.

2011 – Mnyone, L.L., Kirby, M.J., Mpingwa, M.W., Lwetoijira, D.W., Knols, B.G.J., Takken, W., Koenraadt, C.J., Russell, T.L. Infection of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes with entomopathogenic fungi: effect of host age and blood-feeding status. Parasitology Research, 108, 317-322.

2011 – Russell, T.L., Lwetoijera, D.W., Knols, B.G.J., Takken, W., Killeen, G.F., Ferguson, H.M. Linking individual phenotype to density-dependent population growth: the influence of body size on the population dynamics of malaria vectors. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 278, 3142-3151.

2011 – Howard, A.F.V., N’Guessan, R., Koenraadt, C.J.M., Asidi, A., Farenhorst, M., Akogbéto, M., Knols, B.G.J., Takken, W. First report of the infection of insecticide-resistant malaria vector mosquitoes with an entomopathogenic fungus under field conditions. Malaria Journal, 10, 24.

2011 – Ng’habi, K.R.N., Knols, B.G.J., Lee, Y., Ferguson, H.M., Lanzaro, G.C. Population genetic structure of Anopheles arabiensis and Anopheles gambiae in a malaria endemic region of southern Tanzania. Malaria Journal, 10: 289.