Scientific articles in 2015

2015 - Ng'habi KR, Lee Y, Knols BG, Mwasheshi D, Lanzaro GC, Ferguson HM. Colonization of malaria vectors under semi-field conditions as a strategy for maintaining genetic and phenotypic similarity with wild populations. Malaria Journal, 14:10.

Article Ng'habi_et_al._2015.pdf

2015 - Andriessen R, Snetselaar J, Sier RA, Osinga AJ, Deschietere J, Lyimo IN, Mnyone LL, Brooke BD, Ranson H, Knols BGJ, Farenhorst M. Electrostatic coating enhances bioavailability of insecticides and breaks pyrethroid resistance in mosquitoes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 112, 12081-12086.

Article Andriessen_et_al._2015_PNAS.pdf