My talks in 2014

03.12.2014 - Science in Transition, Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences

In Amsterdam, on 3 December, I gave a talk during the second conference organised by 'Science in Transition', titled 'Fighting malaria outside the University' [in Dutch].

A report of the meeting [in Dutch] can be read here:­wp-content/­uploads/­2014/­12/­Verslag-symposium-Science-in-Transition-3-dec-2014-KNAW.pdf

21.11.2014 - Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

In London, on 21 November, the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene organised a one-day meeting on vector-borne diseases art which I presented a talk titled 'Eave tubes for malaria vector control in Africa'.

13-17.10.2014 - Universiteit van Nederland

In de week van 13-17 Oktober 2014 presenteerde ik vijf colleges online voor de Universiteit van Nederland met als titel:

13 Oktober: Waarom wordt jij helemaal lek geprikt door muggen en je partner niet?


14 Oktober: Hoe hebben muggen het verloop van de wereldgeschiedenis bepaald?


15 Oktober: Kun je muggen inzetten als moordwapen?


16 Oktober: Kunnen we malaria uitroeien?


17 Oktober: Kan de opmars van exotische muggen een nationale ramp worden?


13.10.2014 - European Society for Vector Ecology (eSOVE)

I gave a keynote talk during the 19th European Society for Vector Ecology congress in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 13 October 2014, titled: Changing the way we control malaria in Africa: Eave tubes.

To see an animation movie about eave tubes, click:­watch?v=DGyI9i4fpyQ

To read more about our work, visit:

06.10.2014 - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

I presented a talk in London on eave tubes during a meeting organised by Doctors without borders which had the aim to discuss new methods for targeting malaria in countries where MSF operates. The outcome of this meeting will be publicised in due course on

29.09.2014 - 28th World Congress IPMA

I gave a keynote address at the 28th World Congress of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) by invitation, titled: "Managing Innovation for the bottom billion: The case of malaria". Rotterdam, 29 September 2014.

20.02.2014 - Vector Control Working Group (VCWG), WHO/RBM

Presentation for the Vector Control Working Group (VCWG) in Geneva, with a focus on the development of electrostatic gauze to improve bioavailability of actives, and the application thereof in the eave tube and eave brick concepts, developed at In2Care and within the EU-FP7 Mosquito Contamination Device (MCD) project.

15.02.2014 - TEDx Youth@Maastricht

Had this great opportunity to talk at TEDx at the United World College in Maastricht. Very honoured to having been given time to present my third TEDx talk. Very well organised, mostly by teenagers from UWC itself. Chapeau! The titel of my talk was: "Malaria: Complex disease, simple solutions', where I talked about the simple products we develop within our EU consortium and at In2Care in Wageningen.

To see the talk, follow this link:­watch?v=5vFXwm-1_jk

05.02.2014 - IDA Foundation, Amsterdam

Presentation for the IDA Foundation, 5 February 2014. In 'Malaria: The Biting Truth' I confront audiences with the gripping and harsh realities of malaria. By starting with some remarkable discoveries in the late 19th Century, I then walk through a century of successes and failures in the combat against malaria, richly augmented with video material. To end with the eye-opening reality that if we would learn better from the past, we could go much further today. I also presented novel methods developed by In2Care for malaria vector control in Africa.

24.01.2014 - Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute

Seminar given for STPH (together with Anne Osinga) about novel products developed by In2Care for malaria and dengue vector control.