My talks in 2015

16.12.2015 - DSM

I gave a talk titled 'Science can change the world' during the DSM Awards day on 16 December 2015.

15.12.2015 - Pius X College, Bladel

Lezing voor de bovenbouw van de Pius X College middelbare school in Bladel, met als titel 'Malaria: De moeder aller koortsen'. Met voorafgaand een quiz over malaria en muggen...

29.11.2015 - EUREKA! wetenschapsfestival, Amsterdam

Voordracht in theater Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam tijdens het EUREKA! wetenschapsfestival over nieuwe bestrijdingsmethoden voor malaria, met de nadruk op de zogenaamde 'eave tube'.

05.11.2015 - Bayer (Vector control), Lyon, France

Presentation titled 'What (sh)(c)ould vector control look like by 2025' held during the vector control business managers retreat of the Bayer company.

03.11.2015 - Nordisk Sciencecenter Forbund, Vejle, Denmark

Keynote presentation during the annual conference of the Nordic science centres and science musea titled 'How much fun is allowed in a serious science centre?'

25.10.2015 - Utrecht Sunday Assembly

Presentation for the Utrecht Sunday Assembly about mosquitoes in general, and their odour-mediated behaviour in particular. See:­2015/­10/­11/­sunday-assembly-25-oktober-muggenziften/­

15.10.2015 - Festival Mundial, Tilburg

Presentation about mosquitoes and malaria for Festival Mundial.

07.10.2015 - Manatee Mosquito Abatement District, Florida, USA

Presentation for the staff of the Manatee MAD about mosquito control technology developed by In2Care that we will be testing jointly as part of EPA testing requirements.

05.10.2015 - Centres for Disease Control & Prevention, Atlanta, USA

Seminar at CDC on the development of eave tube technology titled 'Eave tubes for malaria control in Africa: From concept to implementation'.

02.10.2015 - German Academy of Sciences, Berlin, Germany

Presentation during conference titled 'Arthropod-borne infectious diseases and arthropods as disease agents in human and animal health'. My talk was specifically about electrostatic netting with enhanced bioavailability of insecticidal agents and its use in eave tubes. See:­de/­aktuelles/­kurznachrichten/­neues-einzelansicht/­?tx_news_pi1%5Bnews%5D=91&cHash=9f3047502d7709777de6574c91776d32

28.07.2015 - Kolymbari mosquito meeting, Greece

Keynote presentation at the Molecular and population biology of mosquitoes and other disease vectors conference, Kolymbari, Greece, 28 July 2015 (by invitation). Title of my talk: A new method for insecticide delivery.

13.03.2015 -

Presentation on malaria for medical practitioners (at GSK, Zeist) organised by

In 'Malaria: The Biting Truth' I confront audiences with the gripping and harsh realities of malaria. By starting with some remarkable discoveries in the late 19th Century, I then walk through a century of successes and failures in the combat against malaria, richly augmented with video material. To end with the eye-opening reality that if we would learn better from the past, we could go much further today.