My talks in 2016

16.12.2016 - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Presentation for Global Health students at the Faculty of Medicine, RUG. In 'Malaria: The Biting Truth' I confront audiences with the gripping and harsh realities of malaria. By starting with some remarkable discoveries in the late 19th Century, I then walk the audience through a century of successes and failures in the combat against malaria, richly augmented with video material. To end with the eye-opening reality that if we would learn better from the past, we could go much further today.

25.11.2016 - Havensymposium Rotterdam

Gave a talk during the annual Havensymposium for ca. 600 doctors, nurses, public health specialists, etc. on the Zika virus and protection against mosquito bites.

17.11.2016 - Maastricht University

Gave a talk on malaria and drug and insecticide resistance as part of the Access to Medicines Week organised by the Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM).

14.10.2016 - iMed conference, Lisbon, Portugal

I presented a motivational talk during the iMed conference 8.0 titled 'Becoming smarter than a mosquito'. The conference is the biggest medical student conference in Europe. See:­

30.09.2016 - Wageningen University & Research

Gave a talk titled 'Should science be fun?' for an audience of first-year PhD students during their PE&RC introductory weekend. In this talk I focus on the fun part (Ig Nobel prizes), but also the role of serendipity in scientific endeavour, the importance of science communication other than through scientific articles, and 10 career lessons for PhD students. Also interested in this talk? Send me an email via the 'contact' button.

07.09.2016 - Pecha Kucha & Maastricht University

As part of the 40th anniversary of Maastricht University, a special Pecha Kucha evening was organised for this commemoration. I gave a talk entitled: 'From Science to Society: A field full of landmines?'

Listen to the podcast and see the slides here:­cities/­maastricht/­presentations/­from-science-to-society-a-field-full-of-landmines

24.05.2016 - Puerto Rico Trust for Science and Technology

I participated in a workshop in San Juan, 24-25 May 2016, where strategies to eliminate the mosquito Aedes aegypti were discussed. I gave a presentation about the In2Care autodissemination trap.

20.05.2016 - BioMalPar conference Heidelberg

I was asked to give a presentation during the XIIth BioMalPar conference, which was held in Heidelberg, 18-20 May 2016. Since most PhDs or post-docs eventually end up outside the world of academia I was asked to talk about a career path outside the University.

26.04.2016 - Benelux Pest 2016

I gave a talk on the Zika virus and invasive mosquito species during this conference, in Veldhoven, The Netherlands.