My talks in 2017

28.11.2017 - TEDx Heidelberg

I gave a talk at the TEDx Heidelberg 2017 event with the title: 'Eliminating malaria by listening to its past'.

In addition to all the new tools that are being developed to combat malaria (vaccines, GM mosquitoes)that hopefully one day will play a role in the global eradication of malaria, it is equally important to look at what worked in the past and could play a role today.

I specifically talk about the work of Fred Soper, in Brazil, between 1939-1941, and how this approach could work in Africa today.

The talk can be seen online here:­watch?v=qKt8KbxpQAo&t=20s
picture: © Jörg Kropp,

24.11.2017 - Nederlandse Vereniging voor Parasitologie

Gave a talk during the annual meeting of the Dutch Society for Parasitology titled 'Malaria endemic in southern Europe', about the likelihood that malaria, formerly endemic in the Mediterranean region could return due to large population movements, climate change, etc.

07.03.2017 - KNAW

Gave a talk at the 'Navigating through career galaxies' day, organised by the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), for post-docs and PhD students.

03.02.2017 - ZIBI Graduate School Berlin

Gave a talk during the 6th Science, Ethics and Politics day titled 'Brave New World: Can we vs. should we?' on new gene drive and gene editing technologies and how this affects science communication.