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In2care laboratory - Because we are into care

In2Care is a young and dynamic research company that focuses on developing control solutions for disease-transmitting insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and flies. The In2Care team consists of myself and two other expert scientists (with a PhD in medical entomology) who have the passion and drive to do meaningful research and create control innovations that can have a substantial impact on insect-transmitted diseases. We have a practical and goal-oriented mindset. Our combined creative, driven and out-of-the box thinking attitude, as well as being worldly and down-to-earth, gives In2Care its innovative edge. In2Care has received funding from, amongst others, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
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Soper Strategies - We eradicate mosquito-borne disease

Soper Strategies is a young and dynamic Dutch firm founded by myself and a military expert (Serge Christiaans, alumnus Royal Military Academy, The Netherlands). We combine expertises from the field of disease and mosquito control with that of military operations in order to develop and execute mosquito-borne disease elimination campaigns in various parts of the world. Our focal point of attention at present is to seek out island settings that are suitably isolated and can serve as a proof-of-principle that elimination strategies successful in the past can be re-invigorated and applied afresh. International social entrepreneurship is our main principle in business.
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K&S Consulting - Education, talks & consultancies

K&S Consulting is a company that I direct since 2007. We use this company as a platform for all new initiatives, teaching, talks, small projects, consultancies, and so on. MalariaWorld was a major project developed by K&S Consulting before it was handed over to the Dutch Malaria Foundation in 2011. Other clients include(d) the Commission of Science and Technology in Tanzania, the United Nations (International Atomic Energy Agency), and the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, to name a few.
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Dutch Malaria Foundation - Towards a malaria-free world

I am the co-founder of the Dutch Malaria Foundation, and currently serve as Chair of its Advisory Board. Also, as Editor of MalariaWorld, the global social and professional network for malaria professionals, with 7100+ members in 115 countries, I write editorials, invite guest editorials, stimulate debate on the platform, conduct e-interviews, and so on. MalariaWorld has one simple mission: we want anyone, anywhere, to have full open access to all information on malaria. To this effect we work hard to improve access. In 2010 we started the first Open Access 2.0 scientific journal with a focus on malaria. Where you don't pay to publish, and where you don't pay to read articles. This, we're convinced, is the future.
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UBS Optimus Foundation - A shared commitment to children

I have been a Board member of the UBS Optimus Foundation between June 2006 and December 2012. This is one of the largest Swiss charitable foundations with more than a 100 projects worldwide. With a focus to improve the health and education for children. I worked for the Foundation as an external board member in the area of Global Health Research, reviewed proposals submitted to the foundation, and helped the foundation setting its future strategy.